The Southern Sporades and the Dodecanese

The Southern Sporades are an archipelago located in the southwest Aegean Sea: they include Samos, Ikaria and the whole Dodecanese group of Islands.

This year especially we would like to welcome you to the Sporades but, above all, to the Dodecanese; we’ll be sailing north to south through the Meltemi wind (often blowing in summer, hopefully not too much) pushing us towards the beautiful Island of Rhodes with its magnificent medieval city!

Every Island in our itinerary has its own particular charm: enchanting landscapes with crystal clear waters speaking of fascinating stories and mythological legends!

Samos is a very green and wooded Island, it’s the actual birthplace of the mathematician Pythagoras and is also famous for the production of sweet Muscat wine that is exported all over the world.

Ikaria is a mountainous Island characterized by its lush nature where men first dreamed of flying.

Patmos is famous for its magnificent monastery and for St. John’s cave where the Saint had his famous visions of Jesus, all this leading to the editing of the Apocalypse!

Lisso is a small lively fishermen's Island surrounded by many white and blue churches! Legend has it that Ulysses was being kept prisoner by the nymph Calypso for 8 years, in this Island, without a single act of rebellion!

Leros is an Island with its own unique identity, here you’ll spot the same Italian streets’ architecture, the typical minimal buildings belonging to the Fascist era. Leros is also characterized by a troubled past that also witnessed the existence of a real asylum, allegedly the worst in the world!

Kalimnos is a barren and mountainous Island, famous for its inhabitants’ sponges fishing skills and for climbing too!

Kos is an Island renowned for its wonderful beaches and buzzy nightlife.

Nysiros is a volcanic Island (its crater can be visited) boasting a wild beauty and such strong colors!

Tilos is a small Island mostly known for the remains, discovered in one of its caves, of a very small prehistoric elephant dated to up to four thousand years ago.

Symi is a small, arid and barren Island famous for being the birthplace of the Three Graces, for its sponges and also for hosting the imposing monastery of the Archangel Panormitis. Its characteristic jagged coastline alternates steep rocks and sandy bays.

Chalki is a very quiet Island where time flows in its own way.

Rhodes is the largest Island in the Dodecanese, famous for its seaside resorts, ancient ruins and for having been occupied by the Knights of St. John during the Crusades. It boasts one of the best preserved medieval towns!


These are the destinations we made up for you.

Then the sea, the weather and the people will define it in the details and in the atmospheres.


Samos Island


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From 10 July
To 17 July
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Docking Ports:

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